London Geek Dinner

There’s a London Geek Dinner being planned for June 7th 2005. The organisers are none other than Hugh McLeod (does great cartoons on the back of business cards) and Robert Scoble (probably Microsoft’s most vocal blogger!). The event is limited Continue reading

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Is Firefox turning into [insecure] IE?

TheRegister reports another firefox vulnerability: Security researchers have discovered two unpatched vulnerabilities in Firefox, the popular alternative web browser. The security bugs affect even the latest version of Firefox (version 1.0.3) and create a means for attackers to seize control Continue reading

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GMail rocks!

My premium Hotmail account expires soon, and I decided not to renew it. Moved to GMail a month or two ago, and have fallen in love with the lightning quick speed and application-type interface. Hotmail’s large flashing banner adverts aren’t Continue reading

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