GMail rocks!

My premium Hotmail account expires soon, and I decided not to renew it. Moved to GMail a month or two ago, and have fallen in love with the lightning quick speed and application-type interface. Hotmail’s large flashing banner adverts aren’t back on my account yet, though I’m sure they will be soon enough. Thankfully, GMail is now my primary account so I don’t need to login to my Hotmail as much as before :-)

Just saw this really nice feature on GMail… A friend recently emailed me some vacation pictures which were quite big in size (ie. upwards of 2mb each). GMail automatically resized them and displayed thumbnails within the email message.

Furthermore, there are buttons for ‘Download all attachments’ which allows all the attachments to be grabbed in one easy zip file, and ‘View all images’ allowing all the attached images to be viewed easily one page. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from these guys :-)

My only two gripes with Gmail would be the absence of an email size column, and the lack of a delete button for email (though the GMail delete button script for the GreaseMonkey firefox extension does a good job in solving this).

Rock on GMail :-)

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