Is Firefox turning into [insecure] IE?

TheRegister reports another firefox vulnerability:

Security researchers have discovered two unpatched vulnerabilities in Firefox, the popular alternative web browser. The security bugs affect even the latest version of Firefox (version 1.0.3) and create a means for attackers to seize control of vulnerable systems using cross-site scripting attacks.

There’s countless articles online promoting Firefox over Internet Explorer, claiming it’s more secure and less prone to spyware, but with the recent news stories of Firefox being just as prone to being hacked as Internet Explorer, I wonder if it’s just going to turn into another [insecure] browser.

I’ve been a little wary in moving over to Firefox entirely, largely due to the fact that I do a lot of development in ASP.NET, and some stuff just doesn’t work as well in Firefox.

Perhaps at this point in time, we’re not going to see as many attacks geared towards Firefox, as it’s seen as the nicer alternative to Internet Explorer (and perhaps in some small way, a protest against Microsoft), though as it gains market share, it’s inevitable that such vulnerabilites will be exploited and users will be affected.

It’s always going to be a tough call developing secure software, but as more features are added to Firefox, more bugs are going to creep in. Let’s hope that Mozilla stay on top of things; I’d hate to see Firefox go down the same route as Internet Explorer.

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