ConnectViaBooks – a new kind of people network!

There’s a new people network in town, and it’s going to be big! Founded by Nick Swan and Flemming Madsen, ConnectViaBooks is a network designed around books, allowing people to connect with one another based on their reading interests.

Connect with people who love the same books as you do!
Ever read a great book and wanted to discuss it with someone?
Ever wanted to find people locally who like the same books as you do?
Find people who share your interests, your hobbies or just read the same books.

Registration is free, and takes 2 minutes. Once registered, you can enter a list of books that you own. When this is done, you can search for people who own the same books, narrowing down the search by location and other criteria.

So, what are you waiting for? C’mon, let’s ConnectViaBooks! Don’t you wanna see what I’m reading? 😉

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