The problem with Smartphones

sony-ericsson-p910i.jpgAs someone who has owned a P800, P900, and now a P910i, I’ve experienced the same issue with all three phones. Over the weekend, without warning, my phone completely flipped out and required a master reset. I received a text message, replied, put the phone down, picked it up 10 minutes later, and the phone just locked up.

Pulled the battery out, powered it back on, and tried again. Same problem. After trying various options, and confirming that my SIM card was not corrupted (by trying it it another handset), the only option was to give my P910i a master reset.

Unfortunately, any attempt to go into any menu resulted in the phone crashing. Luckily, I had a backup of my phone (though it was over three months old), and initiated a restore. In typical fashion, my PC rebooted without warning 80% into the restore, though at least by then the phone was working enough to get into the master reset menu and get everything working again.

Annoyingly, I lost an excellent MacOSX theme I was using, which I can’t find anywhere online, and I don’t have a backup. Having said that, I’m just thankful that my phone is working again!

When they work, Smartphones are great, but with all three of my SonyEricsson handsets experiencing these random crashes, I think SE need to improve the reliability of their smartphones. Several Orange SPV owners I know have also had similar reliability issues with their phones.

As phones get more complex, and scare away the older generation, it’s no wonder that Kyocera’s simple phone has been a hot seller in Japan tapping into the market of children and old people who just want a basic phone without all the million extras.

But all said and done, I still love technology :-)

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