Skype 1.4 for windows, now with call forwarding

Although it’s been out for a little while, I just got round to upgrading to Skype 1.4, which finally offers call forwarding. Coupled with a SkypeIn number, this has lots of great possibilities. It’s now possible to have a local phone number in locations all over the globe, which could route through to a mobile phone in the user’s location, allowing them to calls without being stuck in front of a computer.

My only minor frustration is that the phone has to ring for quite a while before the call forwarding kicks in, by which point, many callers might just hang up. Hope this is something which Skype improve on, as it has the potential to become an issue. But that aside, the service is superb.

I’m yet to try the Gizmo Softphone , though the call forwarding feature does seem like a good reason to stick with Skype, at least for now.

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