There’s a new browser in town

First heard about Flock from Lee Wilkins, and then again from Stewart Rogers, so I figured I’d download it and see what the fuss is about.

Having just spent the past few months working away on a project, where I saw the front-end developer go through hell to get a website to be fully compliant with a range of web browsers, as well as meet the demands of the web designer, ensuring pixel accuracy, a new web browser is the last thing I wanted to worry about.

Fortunately, Flock is based around FireFox, which has good CSS support, etc. It’s the same engine, with some nice extra features built in, such as integration with The team decided to start with something new to deliver a completely new user experience, as opposed to building a FireFox extension, where their options are somewhat limited.

It does seem like a nice browser – I’m using it now to write this blog entry. It feels very similar to FireFox, and the integration with is definitely a great selling point (I’m actually surprised that no-one has built a plug-in for Internet Explorer yet).

With Internet Explorer still dominating over 90% of the market, and FireFox at 8%, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact Flock can make.

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