Why can’t we tag everything, like our IM buddies?

The whole tagging concept is growing on me. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could tag contacts on MSN Messenger (or any other IM client) too? Contact groups is nice, but it’s been around for a while, and based on the old fashioned file-folder idea. Many contacts fall into multiple categories. I’d like to be able to tag people on my contact list by ‘relationship’ (ie. Friends, Family, Co-Workers, etc) and ‘location’.

Another use of tagging could be to tag contacts by TV shows they like. For example, say you’ve got a bunch of contacts on your list who watch Lost. Come Wednesday night, after the show has aired, it would be handy to click on ‘Lost’ and ‘Online’ tags, and have a group chat about the show :-)

Maybe this’ll be a feature we’ll see in the next version of MSN Messenger, though I’d also be happy seeing it in Trillian. It doesn’t seem like a particularly complex feature request, so perhaps Patchou can build this into the excellent MsgPlus add-in for MSN Messenger?

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