Skype sucks

So, Skype have released a new version. Version was released on 5th January 2006, and it sucks. The new user interface just pisses me off.

Why the hell have they mixed Skype and SkypeOut users without the option to seperate them. They’ve got groups now but the way it’s implemented feels clunky and awkward. The new version now also forces a contact to be selected in the contact list at all times. Completely unnecessary.

But the thing which really pisses me off is removing the quick filter from the history. Before, I could click on my history, and using one of the icons or dropdown, quickly see entries by missed call, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Voicemail, or activity from a specific number.

Googling around found the Skype Change Log which lists filtering in the contact list and history as a feature? Am I missing something? Where is the feature that was there before! It also says this can be enabled from options – advanced. I couldn’t get this to work despite rebooting, restarting Skype, etc.

Oh, and the new sounds. They sound like a cat being strangled. Overall, the new version is lame. Wish I just stuck with the old version, 1.4, which worked fine. Version 2.0 is just painful to use. If you’re not using it, don’t waste your time upgrading (unless you really, really want the video features).

Update: after some fiddling around, I finally found the new location of the history filter. It’s been moved to the bottom left of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

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