Outbound link tracking, MyBlogLog is brilliant!

I’m using numerous tracking tools on all my websites, including TheCounter.com, Google Analytics, and the usual log analysers like Analyzer, AWStats, etc. But, recently, I came across MyBlogLog, which offers outbound link tracking without interfering with your website.

This really is one of the coolest tracking services I’ve seen, and the basic package is free! Although this is good enough for most people, there’s also a premium service, if you want real-time tracking a few other things, and at just $25 per year, it’s probably worth it just to support these guys for creating something such a cool stats tool.

They’re also a great bunch of folks! I emailed them twice in a single day with suggestions, and got a personal reply each time, within an hour, letting me know they’d already implemented some of my suggestions. That’s what you call good customer service!

While I’m talking about analysis tools, I should add that on the other end of the scale, TheCounter.com happens to be one of the less efficient companies I’ve dealt with, and I expect more from them, especially as they’re part of JupiterMedia which is a digital company.

To start with, for a paid service, the amount of marketing they shove down their users throat is abysmal (by way of annoying banners on their login page, though AdBlock can filter all this out), and their customer service is just as bad.

Trying to renew my subscription was a farce, and involved slogging through my various email accounts to find to the initial email they sent me with some ridiculous order number, which was needed to process the renewal.  C’mon guys, you’re a digital company!  Make it easy for me to use your services and give you my money!

Well, anyway, that aside, go on, sign up with MyBlogLog and find out where your readers are going when they leave your site!

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