Settling down to married life, freelancing, and remote working

There’s been a distinct lack of blog activity (both reading and writing) in the past few weeks, largely due to lots of reshuffling in my life.

The biggest news is that I got married last month. It was a long fourteen months being away from my fiancee (even with the periodic visits), and it’s great to finally be together.  We had a fantastic wedding in Florida, before heading back to London for a few weeks to see family, honeymoon in Tunisia, spend a couple of days in Paris, and then coming back to the US :-)

Getting married, moving country, and moving to freelancing full-time and working from home has been a big set of simultaneous changes, and is taking some getting used to. It takes a lot of disclipine to manage time effectively when working from the spare bedroom, and it’s been a little more hectic with settling down too (ie. making time for time consuming activities like furniture shopping, car shopping, etc).

On the work front, one of the things I’ve found it hard to get used to is working from home with the extreme quiet environment in the house, which is good and bad. I’m usually inclined to work with the TV on or with my ipod to get some noise. Tried working from Starbucks one day, which was nice, except there weren’t any power outlets so I could only work as long as my laptop battery lasted. I’m going to try working from campus where my wife goes to university, and see how that works out.

I’m still doing work for a couple of web agencies in London, and try to work relatively closely to UK working hours, around 6:30am to 1:30pm, which is about 11:30am to 6:30pm UK time.  It seems to be enough overlap to discuss any issues with team members across the pond.

My LinkedIn profile has been updated, and over the coming months, I’m planning to network more aggressively and build a client base here in the US.  My long-term goal is to move mUnit from being solely a vehicle for freelancing into a ‘proper’ consulting business.

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