GMail now works on the SE P910i

Although the Google Mail application for mobile devices has been out for a while now, I tried it when it launched and couldn’t get it to work on my Sony Ericsson P910i.  The application would hang while installing.

Don’t know what Google have done, and there doesn’t seem to be any additional info on the GMail for mobile help center or related google group, but I was messing around today, and it installed with no problems.

The installer ran, create a new GMail entry in the applications list, and voila, I have GMail for Mobile installed.  It seems to work pretty well, and using it is a much smoother experience than using Opera.

GMail is fast becoming the perfect email service. I’m already using it for all my email needs.

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Online Christmas Cards

I’ve seen lots of Christmas cards, and this one from SF based Blueprint Ventures is quite a cool one, and funny too!

Found out about that one from Southeast VC’s blog.

Closer to home, but not quite as fancy is the web agency, Lemon Foundation’s Christmas Card.  There’s also an interesting one by Glue London, though it takes ages to load and is quite slow and clunky.

Christmas is a good time to get those creative juices flowing! :-)

Dell D820, bluetooth and tosrfusb.sys

Just under two months ago, I formatted my system and had trouble getting the Bluetooth driver to work after that, resulting in me being bluetooth-less.

The driver installed fine, but when idle, Windows would throw a bluescreen error complaining about tosrfusb.sys. Judging from posts on other websites and the traffic that my post has been getting, this problem is not uncommon (and seems to be more common on Dell machines than others).

With my recent increased use of Skype, I decided to give it another shot and see if I could get it working as I really want to use my Bluetooth headset rather than a wired device. The BIOS version on my Dell Lattitude D820 was A01, and I recently upgraded it to the latest A04 revision (though the A05 revision is now the latest).

Hoping this might help, I downloaded the Bluetooth driver, and the related patch / update. After removing the ‘Microsoft Bluetooth Device’ from my system, installing these two items, and a few reboots later, things seem to be working.

Been running fine for a couple of days now, with no bluescreen errors, so hopefully it’ll stay that way. The headset is paired up, and once again, Skype is is pleasure to use!

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Careful hiring contractors!

This is sad, but funny. A friend of mine in a web agency sent me across this. They recently hired a contractor to work on a project. After a week, they reviewed his work and found he had done practically nothing, so a couple of developers went to a meeting room to discuss what to do and came back to this on the contractor’s desk…


I’ve worked with bad contractors in the past, and heard about worse, but this must be the first case I’ve heard of where a contractor writes an apology note and runs. Interestingly, this person done quite well on the agency’s internal assessment test, but simply couldn’t deliver when it came to doing the work.

This is quite a funny wtf (though I imagine it’s not so good for the agency!). Plenty more similar stories at The Daily WTF which is a must-read for any developer.

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Support your favourite small software vendors!

Ever since Jeff blogged about Windows users supporting their favourite small software vendors, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the software I’m using on a day-to-day basis, with a view to eventually buying licences for software which become part of my daily usage.

It’s actually been something on my mind in recent months, and I’ve bought licences for various superb applications including GAlert, ShellToysXP, Actual Window Manager, and SyncBackSE.

Also bought SourceFormatX, though I think this was a bad purchase and actually ended up causing me more problems than it fixed, but I’m sure it’s good for other things. Just not Classic ASP and Javascript.

Before reading Jeff’s post, I’d never heard of TimeSnapper, though having used it for a couple of days now, I can see the benefit.  The free version is brilliant, though the pro version is a bit nicer and after reading some more about Timesnapper on secretGeek, decided that $40 to support these folks is well worth it :-)

Not sure what I’ll get next month, but Eluent Tools is a great application I’ve been using for a while and is a bargain at $20, so perhaps that will be it. The find and replace functionality in Homesite and Visual Studio is brilliant, and it’s nice being able to use such functionality (though Eluent Find) without having to load up the whole IDE.

There’s plenty of other cool apps worth supporting: BlogJet ($40), UltraEdit ($40), BeyondCompare ($30), Win2Pdf ($35), and QClock ($15) are just some that spring to mind which I’ve found useful in the past.

Go on, support your favourite software vendor!

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Another cool news aggregator, Threz

I’m still using BBC News as my daily news portal, though as it has a UK focus, I often miss out on local and national news here in the US, though admittedly, a lot of the news nowadays seems to be geared around war, terrorism, etc which the media in every country covers.

Speaking of news, I just came across Threz, which is a news aggregator type site. Seems to be similar to Google News, though it has some extra features like automatic sorting, creating your own channels, comments, etc.

Seems quite good, and it’s from the same people who made QClock. (which is very handy when working with people in multiple time zones). They’re offering free versions of QClock Pro to people who blog about the new site :-)

If you’re still looking for the right online news aggregator for you, check it out, it might be the one!

Orlando .NET User Group

Yesterday, I went to the Orlando .NET User Group meeting which featured a presentation by Joe Healy from Microsoft on ASP.NET Ajax (formerly Atlas).

It was actually my first time going to one of these meetings.  Tried to go to a couple of the London .NET User Group meetings before, though something always ended up getting in the way, and it never quite happened.

Now that I’ve been, I regret not going earlier.  It’s a great way to get info on new microsoft technology, meet other developers, etc. There was so much energy in the room yesterday; it was great just listening to Joe, Shawn and another tech in the room throw around ideas of how to make parking easier at UCF.

Reminded me how different it is working at home, away from other developers and the interesting banter around the office. Need to try get a cheap office around here somewhere, maybe just renting a desk. Ideally some web development company that has a spare desk going.

But, that aside, the presentation on ASP.NET Ajax was really good. I’ve done very little work in Ajax, only briefly using Ajax.NET Professional on a project (for some small functionality).

An interesting point that Joe Healy made, was that any professional web developer out there really needs to be familar with some sort of Ajax framework, as this is what clients are now expecting.  Although Microsoft were one of the first to use the XmlHttpRequest idea of asynchronous postbacks in Outlook Web Access, back in 1998, Google really raised the bar of what can be done with their Maps and GMail applications.

Definitely need to check out the ASP.NET Ajax stuff though.  It looks really impressive, and plugs into ASP.NET pretty easily with server controls, etc.

Not going to be doing any Ajax stuff until I get this Classic ASP project and DotLucene / SearchBlackBox stuff out the way though.

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