Sick of UKOnline

A few years ago, before mass webmail storage became commonplace, I bought a pop3 mailbox from UKOnline. They used to be my ISP and seemed quite good, and buying the mailbox from them allowed me to keep my address.

Now that webmail is free and very efficient, I figured I’d close this account down.  But, unfortunately, there’s no way to do this online. The numbers listed on their contact page are all 0845 or premium numbers, which don’t work from outside the UK.

Their email support and customer service is pathetic. They always have large volumes of email and unable to respond to email as qucikly as they’d like to. Being part of Easynet, you’d think they could hire a couple more support staff.

When chasing them previously, I got a switchboard number at one point, where I was put me through to customer service, who then told me I had to call a premium number to cancel the account.  Wtf.

When I told him I couldn’t call premium numbers from my phone in the US, he was dumbstruck, and literally said he couldn’t help me.  There is no way to get through to someone who can cancel the account without calling a premium number.  They don’t allow users to cancel accounts online.

So, despite all the technological advances, and benefits of things like Email, Skype and Vonage, I’m still unable to cancel something as simple as an email account, due to this company’s outright incompetence.

Looks like I’ll be paying this damn £15 yearly fee, for this mailbox I don’t want, for the rest of my life (or at least until I can get back to the UK and call them to cancel the damn thing).

Update: Joel on Software has a great blog entry about customer service.  UKOnline – take note!

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2 thoughts on “Sick of UKOnline

  1. Write a letter, could fax it?
    As long as you do part of informing them, and then cut the yearly payment, it’ll fine. They won’t have leg to stand on.
    Good luck! I always hate poor processes like this too.

  2. Eventually, I spoke to my credit card company, who told me they weren’t able to stop the yearly payment as it was set up as a recurring charge, and had to be cancelled with UKOnline directly.

    However, they also said that if I had a letter that was sent to them requesting cancellation and was still charged, they could dispute the payment and get a refund.

    After a couple of stern emails to UKOnline, with no response, my brother called them up on my behalf and managed to get the account cancelled.

    Still has to be one of the most frustrating customer service experiences I’ve had in recent times, especially as it’s with a company that really should know better.

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