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I’ve been using the Windows Live Mail beta for quite a long time, and really find it a big disappointment.  After Google released Gmail, and Microsoft started touting the Hotmail replacement, I was really expecting something better.

One of the things I was really hoping Microsoft would get rid of, is the big annoying banner at the top of the page.  When reading email, the last thing I want to see is a big flashing banner.

Just look at how intrusive this is:




Although it’s been out a while, I only just found out about Windows Live Mail Desktop and promptly installed it.  I’ve got a couple of Hotmail accounts, though these are only used for small amounts of unimportant email.  The main reason for installing WLMD, is because using Windows Live Hotmail in Internet Explorer completely sucks.

The application isn’t bad, though it’s not exactly great either.  It’s still got the awkward Hotmail user interface.  But, the two things which are important to me is the multiple account support, and the lack of banner adverts.  Both these requirements are satisfied.  It certainly feels a lot more lightweight than using WLM from within Internet Explorer.

Having said that, the WLM experience is a lot better in Firefox + AdBlock, than Internet Explorer.  This removes the big annoying banner advert, which has a significant impact on usability.  I don’t know what Microsoft were thinking allowing banners like the one in the screenshots above, where it actively interferes with the application.

Unfortunately, Messenger forces uses to use Internet Explorer rather than the default browser.  However, you can get around this by using the StuffPlug Extension, though this only works with Windows Live Messenger 8.1.  This offers lots of additional useful functionality, including the option to have Messenger use the default browser for accessing email.

I’d like to see Google release something like this for Gmail.  At the moment, they have nothing for managing multiple Gmail accounts, though this can be done using third party utilities like GAlert and the Firefox Gmail Manager extension.

In an ideal world, there would be an application which would replace WLMD, GAlert, and the Gmail Extension.  It would allow users to view email from WLM, Gmail and others all through one application.  It would sit in the system tray, checking email in the background.  My search for such an application continues…

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3 thoughts on “Windows Live Mail Hotmail & Desktop

  1. As you mention Google, it got me thinking…
    Their approach to user services is great, but there still isn’t enough integration.
    They have Gmail, Notebook, Calendar, Reader, FireFox Browser Sync, Desktop, Personalised homepage,.. but none of them are really linked.
    For example, notes enterred on Google Desktop application should be part of a sync process with the web based Notebook interface. Same with ToDo’s, Calendar…
    Bookmarks through Browser Sync should appear on a section in the Personalised homepage.
    Online live storage/backup that syncs directories up and can be access directly from within gmail for attaching files or photos and stuff…
    And so on and so on.
    The intuitive ideas can go on for nearly forever. I’m really surprised this all hasn’t been done already. Google would certainly know how. The only thing I can think of is that they’re waiting to launch a business model around it so can charge a subscription to users. I’d be happy to pay if it was a one-stop place for everything. One download/install, one site to remember.

  2. That’s very true. Google tried improving the integration between GMail and Calendar, but I’ve found it useless.

    Likewise, having some links at the top of the page doesn’t count as integration either.

    It’s surprising that Google still doesn’t make word documents and spreadsheets attached to Gmail messages open with Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

    However, we’re going to see lots of change in this space. Just yesterday, Google released Apps Premier, which directly competes with Microsoft Office Live.

    Collaboration tools seem to be in fashion at the moment, and there should be some interesting developments this year.

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