I’m addicted to Facebook

Like Jason, I’m also addicted to Facebook.

It’s awesome. After signing up a little while ago, I didn’t use it much until recently when I started getting friend requests and started poking around. I’m impressed. It’s the best social network out there, by a long shot.

Like Jason says:

The reason, as I can best put my finger on it right now, is because what they’ve done is taken communications between people and people/groups and made it entirely relational and dynamic.  Think of it as e-mail to the 100000th degree.  e-mail is very one dimensional.  On Facebook, everytime you upload a photo all of the people you know instantly see it.  Everytime you blog everyone you know sees your post.  Your colleague changes jobs, everyone instantly knows.  You see an interesting video on youtube, everyone you know instantly knows.

The wall feature is brilliant. Everytime one of your friends does something, you know about it. The photo albums are great, and I love the photo-tagging feature.

I’m using LinkedIn to manage business networking (though it’s been of little use so far, and I’m considering opting out of Linked-In).

Finally managed to cancel my Ryze account, which isn’t business networking at all, like the name implies.  In fact, it’s probably the worst networking site I’ve used (and the only one where I’ve actively cancelled my account).

The first such network I joined was Ecademy. Seemed brilliant at the time, and has generated some leads, though I hate the fact that you can’t do anything without a paid account; the guest account is completely useless.

A few days ago, I got a marketing email from them promoting the power network subscription, which pointed to the website.  Clicking on the link opened a page telling me I couldn’t view the content until I upgraded my account, which felt somewhat ironic.

Don’t like Ecademy much anymore, and not really an active user on many other such networks either (Spoke, Tribe.net, Xing, SoFlow, etc).

Totally digging Facebook though. It rocks!

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2 thoughts on “I’m addicted to Facebook

  1. Facebook is great, I love it too. Visibility is not as great with people that are not in your network so I wish that was more open, but its ok.

    I also cancelled my Ryze account, it really does suck.

    LinkedIn I’d keep because once in a while I get a lead through there and business networking is not too inviting in Facebook. By far, facebook is one of the easiest, most well-thought out applications I’ve ever used. Things just make sense and work, ALL THE TIME!

  2. Yep, that’s true – though I think that the fact that profiles are limited to people not in your network and the privacy settings to control what strangers can see is one of the features which has encouraged young people to use it, and played no small part in it’s rapid growth.

    The only network I think is almost worse than Ryze is MySpace, and fail to understand why it’s so popular. Give me Facebook anytime!

    Have to agree with you – Facebook is one of the easiest and most well thought-out applications I’ve used.

    Wonder how long it’ll be until another company approaches them. Mark Zuckerburg already turned down $750m from Yahoo!

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