Gmail app stops working on p910

When I got the GMail app working on my SE p910i a couple of months ago, it was great. But, without warning, it stopped working yesterday.

Tried uninstalling and re-installing several times. No luck. The application throws an error about not being able to connect to the internet, though all of the settings indicate that the application should be able to access the internet (just as it did before).

It’s got me stumped, though I think it may be caused by T-Mobile changing their policies.

Looks like not all is going well in the land of T-Mobile. The company has changed its policies and have told customers with Java-enabled phones (read: almost every handset) and data plans that they’re not allowed to install third-party network applications. Why the harsh change in policy? T-Mobile claims security issues but we all know it’s a load of crap designed to prevent independent phone sales. With this ban in place, this means no Opera Mini, no Google Local, no full version of Gemdrop, no nothing.

That’s just ridiculous. I’m even paying an extra $5.99 per month for the T-MobileWeb service. They really need to start showing their customers some love.

No wonder the US is so behind Europe in mobile phone technology! After being in the UK for so long, it really annoys me that incoming calls come out of my free minutes (and if they run out, are chargeable), and incoming text messages come out of my allowance too (and if they run out, are also chargeable).

Any way to rip-off customers…

Update – Feb 28th, 2006: Tried it again today and seems to be working now. Perhaps it was just a glitch with Google or T-Mobile.

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