Google Chrome

A couple of days ago, Google launched their new browser, Chrome.  They also released a comic explaining a lot of the logic behind the new browser and how it’s different from others.

Although I managed to install it on my XP x64 machine, the browser was too unstable to use. Browsing was fine, but any attempt to do anything other than browsing – such as bookmarking a website, viewing the options dialog box, etc – would cause the browser to completely crash.

After uninstalling, any attempt to re-install now results in an error, and installation halts.

Like various other applications (iTunes, I’m looking at you), it seems like Chrome wasn’t tested on XP x64 and simply isn’t compatible with this version of Windows.  Hopefully Google will address this issue soon, as it looked promising and felt a lot faster in the brief period that I managed to use it.  Can’t see it replacing my primary browser, which is still Firefox 2, but with ajax-heavy applications like Gmail being significantly faster in Chrome, there could be some benefit in using it for these types of web apps.

Ca Phun has a little more info on Google Chrome.

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