Authenticating with the Zoho CRM API

Recently, I was integrating an ASP.NET application with Zoho CRM, and found the API to be a little awkward.  The examples for C# are also incomplete, and I wanted to outline some of the steps to get up and running.

The first thing you need to do before being able to make any requests is generate an authentication token. There’s no way to this from the web interface, so the API must be used, though once you’ve done this once, you can save the token and will not have to generate a new one.

Fortunately, the process is straightforward and well documented.  Simply make a GET request to the following URL (you can even do this using your browser):[username]&PASSWORD=[password]

This will return a value like this:

#Mon Sep 08 04:39:37 PDT 2014

Copy the authtoken and save this somewhere as you’ll need to use it for any other API requests.  This only needs to be generated once and does not expire.

I’ll cover retrieving, adding and updating records for standard and custom modules in future posts.

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